Guided tour by bike
ref: 4655
Tipus: Trekand Route
Location: Tarragona Baix Ebre - Deltebre
Prices: from 20,0€
Be seduced by the majesty of the environment and its captivating flamenco.
Excursion to enjoy the hidden places, which are only known to the people of the territory.
We arrive at the only place where we can participate in this seafood and ancient art.

Let ourselves be seduced by the majesty of the environment and its captivating flamenco. observe the constant changes in the Delta, a region in motion.

We see a large amount of gear still in use: dredge, Rallo, bentrols, prawns and discover the tools that were used for seafood, now banned.

Know the culture of our marshlands: mussels and oysters. also discover how there are still people living in the Delta as before, collecting the fruits of the garden and the animals that breed. I get it.

Visit the Old Pond Canal from a strategic perspective, and do a little tour of the works that have been made to control the water, something very relevant to the Delta.

Living in the Delta and see every day as the sun comes over our majestic river Ebro Flemish Listen with your eyes closed, as if they could play. Browse along the fish that escape from the water and much more. Feel part of this universe.
Prices include guide and liability insurance
It may include a picnic type lunch or local restaurants: budget request.
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