Guided tour by kayak
ref: 4656
Tipus: Trekand Route
Location: Tarragona Baix Ebre - Deltebre
Prices: from 25,0€
Soak for ever from the true essence of the Delta.
Excursion that will take you to Port Fangar to go into the Goleró. We will be in the sea but with the feeling of being in a huge lake. Browse among fishermen who practice ancient arts of traditional fishing.

Reach the shoulder  through the timber frame of the hanging ropes containing the young mussels that can become.

Breathe the tranquility of the surroundings broken only by the sounds of fish jumping in, we see the great water activity of this privileged area. Let us be seduced by the majesty of the environment and its captivating flamenco. observed changes constants of the Delta, a region in motion.

With the mood relaxed reach the "musclera", a small building on the water invites contemplation. Can be recovered swim and sunbathe.

It's back to port, forever steeped in the very essence of the Delta.

Living in the Delta and see every day as the sun comes over our majestic river Ebro Flemish Listen with your eyes closed, as if they could play. Browse along the fish that escape from the water and much more. Feel part of this universe.
Price per person ½ day: 25 €
1 day Price per person: 30 € 

Prices include kayak, paddles, life-saving hermilla, guide and liability insurance
It may include a picnic type lunch or local restaurants: budget request.
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